About us

Fond of Code is the result of a long experience in the fields of programming, web development, creation and management of editorial content, but also graphic creation and design.

From the very beginning of the Internet, we were present, confronted with its ultra-rapid, sometimes chaotic evolution. We saw it gradually define itself, borrow from other media and what the existing Human-Machine interface had to offer, while creating its own rules, its own parameters... its own universe.

We offer programming and development professionals as well as businesses a full range of ready-to-use solutions (libraries), adapted packages (personalized development and monitoring) and an expertise of more than 24 years of experience (Android, iOS, Web and multiplatforms...).

We cover all the cutting edge technologies in this area. Our daily monitoring allows us to remain proactive, for all the fields of application concerned.


Fond of Code has only one objective... To allow you to save precious time, by acquiring more fluid and ever faster efficiency, in your production line.

A complete approach

Fond of Code is a resource site dedicated to the main fields of application of programming (Web, Object and Deep learning oriented).

We don't pretend to reinvent the wheel, but here we are simply offering our vision of the Internet of tomorrow.

Our finding is clear. The rhythms assumed by the various trades linked to Cyberspace will be more and more difficult to keep up. The complexity will grow.

That is why we offer through the solutions offered on this site ...

- Clarity and control
- Fluidity in the process of production
- Constant and scalable optimization
- Enrichment of personal knowledge
- Time saving and anticipation
- The return to fundamentals...

In short, conditions of a quiet and flourishing creation.

FOND OF CODE is part of a set of Websites/App. resources created by Diego Piccini (da Todi), Full stack Programmer/Developer (Web/Object), Lead Developer, Content Manager and Graphic Arts Lead designer. He has over 24 years of experience in programming, development and content management.

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